We are SpringPillar
At SpringPillar, we focus on realizing your brand’s cultural transformation.
We empower stakeholders through our special designed programs to embed organizational culture, while creating growth engines that catalyze and sustain the transformation momentum.
We Empower Teams

It is an inclusive and collaborative journey to embark upon, as we together empower your teams to realize transformation.

We Sustain Ambition

As we enable the team to sustain the ambition for transformation.

We Land Transformation

As we together facilitate interaction to achieve support and collaboration to empower your internal teams to land transformation.

With SpringPillar you can
Bring your organization to the next peak through building a culture that fuels the vision for the future

We believe that to realize transformation, it is about mobilizing your teams effectively. It is inclusive, requires collaboration and it is to embark on an exciting adventure together where there is support.

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Bring your organisation to the next peak through building a culture that fuels the vision for the future.

Once the stakeholders share the same belief the brand awakes and true cultural transformation is realized and sustained.

A team of strong speakers, facilitators and coaches to support you along the journey of transformation

With professional skills in branding, strategy, organizational culture, design, master storytellers and visualizers, innovation strategies to guide you along the programme to impart knowledge, embed seeds of culture, and activate new knowledge through a collaborative partnership.

Areas of specialisation

Consumer Research
Organizational Culture

Transformation is a journey


Energize and fuel the spirits for the transformation journey.


Invigorate the spirit and bring vitality through new knowledge and skills.


Build champions for the movement with recognition and activation.


Systemize and scale up the movement for transformation.

Measure, select, and evaluate the first movers of change with

S . A . P . I . E . N .

  • SpringPillar’s Analytics Framework to identify
    the critical key participants, to boost the success of organizational champions that should be recruited to participate along the journey of transformation.
  • Measure organizational readiness to embrace change
    Identify critical participants in transformation programmes
  • Forming collaborative teams from cross-department/ranks
  • Developing exercises based on strengths and competencies to boost chance of success
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