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Thriving in China

At SpringPillar we help organizations get ahead of the change and build capabilities to adapt and develop through culture transformation
Lead with Why

Start with a clear understanding of a company’s strategy and innovation purpose, which can drive culture transformation by aligning employees with a shared sense of purpose and direction.

Leverage Human Potential

Unpack the talents’ capabilities and abilities to a deliberate shift in organizational values, beliefs, and behaviors that align with the company’s strategic goals, and drive innovation to create a positive impact on society.

Land with Action

Emphasize the importance of taking concrete steps and following through on the action plan to achieve the desired outcomes, rather than just talking about it or making vague promises.

2023 China Reopening
We see a growing drive for recovery and rapid growth opportunities in transformation from China‘s Economic Recovery

To achieve long-term success and stay ahead of the competition in China, businesses must prioritize organizational development by focusing on Culture Transformation, Leadership Development, Talent Training, and Operating Model Refinement. Understanding the key consumer drivers such as the Female Economy, Omnichannel Experience, Gen-Z, and New Luxury, is crucial to developing growth strategies tailored to specific characteristics, building competitive advantage and positioning the business for sustainable success.

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“Every percentage point increase in China's growth rate raises the world's growth rate by 0.3”
A team of strong speakers, facilitators and coaches to support you along the journey of transformation

With a range of professional skills in branding, organizational culture, design, storytelling, visualization, and innovation strategies, we guide you along the program to impart knowledge, plant the seed of culture and activate newly acquired knowledge through a collaborative partnership.

Areas of Specialization

Culture Transformation
Design-thinking Training
Organizational Culture Construction
Change Management Culture
Talent and Capabilities
Corporate Community
Insight Training Program
Innovation Working Model

It takes the right approach and sustainable practices to lead effective company change and lasting success


Enabling growth and innovation through leadership and organization development


Empowering  business growth with innovative and creative talent strategies and upskilling 


Transforming communication with powerful visual strategies and compelling storytelling


Elevating your workplace culture and performance through human-centered design

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